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Jan 16 2020 – New performance piece, plus video premiere! at Muchmores, Brooklyn NYC

Jan 7 2020 – Performing with Gustaf at Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn NYC

Dec 21 2019 – Performing in Cultmas at Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn NYC

Dec 12 2019 – Appearing in a music video for Theophobia

Dec 6 2019 – Performing at Two Boots, Brooklyn NYC

Dec 4 2019 – New video series up on Vimeo and Youtube

Nov 19 2019 – Starting a new series of short videos

Oct 30 2019 – Check out Ice Cream the new Fade On music video I worked on

Oct 24 2019 – Shooting a music video with Gesserit, Brooklyn NYC

Oct 10 2019 – Shooting new music videos with Sharkmuffin, Brooklyn NYC

Sept 26 2019 – Modeling clothes by Sam Pao at Wrong Brain, Dover NH

Sept 21 2019 – Dr. Quackinsaw operates with Soyoon Hia Cha at Analog, Brooklyn NYC

August 16 2019 – Shooting new music videos with Sharkmuffin, Brooklyn NYC

July 27 2019 – Performing at the Roast of Haley Desetta, Hempstead NY

June 30 2019 – Gogo dancing on the House of Yes Pride Parade float, Manhattan NYC

June 27 2019- Appearing on MMN TV doing performance art with Gustaf, Manhattan NYC

June 15-16 – On set for new music video by Fade On, Brooklyn NYC

June 8 2019 – Gogo dancing at DADT Flux for Boston Pride, The Sinclair, Boston MA

June 3 2019 – Recording on a new album with Sloppy Jane, Brooklyn NYC

May 29 2019 – Music video shoot with Gesserit, Brooklyn NYC

May 18 2019 – Gogo dancing with House of Yes at the NYC Dance Parade, NYC

May 15 2019 – Dr. Quackinsaw operates at SYMPTOMATIC, Sotheby’s Inst, Manhattan NYC

March 16 2019 – Walking the runway for Sam Pao fashion show  Wrong Brain, Dover NH

March 2 2019 – My intro video for Cootie Cunt at Takedown Wrestling #4 Rollinsford NH

Dec 25 2018 – Bitchy the Christmas Witch casts spells at House Of Yes, Brooklyn NYC

Dec 5 2018 – Dr. Quackinsaw’s Operating Theatre gets sexy at House Of Yes, Brooklyn NYC

Nov 29 2018 – New performance in a variety show at Branded Saloon, Brooklyn, NYC

Nov 9 2018 – My music video for Chelsea Paolini will be included in the Rock Water Film Festival at Monsterrat College of Art, Beverly MA

Oct 27-Nov 3 2018 – Jessica Jessica will be getting into Halloween trouble in New Orleans

Oct 13 2018 – Walking the runway at Future Forecast Fashion Show, Boston MA

Sept 19 2018 – I did an interview with Scott David Chase on the podcast This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, listen to it here

Sept 14-16 2018 – Jessica Jessica will be at Camp John Waters, Kent CT

July 29 2018 – My new film L’Or premieres at Rock Water Film Festival, Rollinsford NH

June 24 2018 – Go-go dancing on the House of Yes float in the NYC pride parade, NYC NY

June 09 2018 – Go-go dancing at DADT Redepmtion at The Sinclair, Boston MA

May 15 2018 – I’ll Have Money Someday, my new music video for Chelsea Paolini is up!

April 08 2018 – Screening Cootie Cunt at Golden Wagon Film Festival, Durham NH

March 31 2018 – Screening Dr. Quackinsaw at Teatotaller, Rollinsford NH

March 16 2018 – Director’s cut of Cootie Cunt at ArtPM exhibit . Buoy Gallery, Kittery ME

February 24 2018 – Directed the intro video for Cootie Cunt at Takedown Wrestling #3. Sue’s Space, Rollinsford NH

January 24 2018 – “Something Rotten: A Slice of Hamlet” a new performance piece. Sue’s Space, Rollinsford NH

October 2017 – I created the title credits for a music video directed by Savannah Magruder for the band Sloppy Jane.

September 23 2017 – Jessica Jessica will be conducting red carpet interviews at the DADT Queer Fashion Gala, Boston MA

August 13 2017 – My directorial debut Dr. Quackinsaw premieres at Rock Water Film Festival, Rollinsford NH

March 25 2017 – Dr. Quackinsaw will be operating at DADT event Water Closet, Great Scott, Boston MA

February 2016 – ARTPM Challenge. Buoy Gallery, Kittery ME

July 26 2015 – Wrong Brain Celebrates Cody at Buoy Gallery, Kittery ME

June 27 2015 – Projected video art of mine and music at Studio #470, Dover NH

June 6 2015 – Wrong Brain presents Bent Knee, Rick Rude, Greed Island, Studio #470, Dover NH

June 5 2015 – ExTown Art Walk, with Wrong Brain Pop up gallery. Exeter, NH.

May 24 2015 – Wrong Brain is painting a skatepark. Grand Opening in Dover, NH

March 20 2015 – My artwork is on the cover of Wrong Brain Issue #7. Release party at Buoy Gallery, Kittery ME

March 13 2015 – ArtPM exhibit opening at Buoy Gallery, Kittery ME

January 24 2015 – Performance piece at SPECTACLE, Great Scott, Boston MA

September 13 2014 – Pawtuckaway Takedown Festival, Nottingham NH

June/July 2014 – Wrongbrain Group Show at Doo, Kittery ME

May 1 2014 – Modeling in the Sam Pao  fashion show at the NH Media Makers Showcase and Gala, Currier Museum of Art, Manchester NH

April 26 2014 – Artwork at the Wrongbrain Spring Bizaare at the Newmarket Mills, Newmarket NH

March 14 2014 – Artpm opening exhibit at Buoy Gallery, Kittery ME

Feb/March 2014 – Artwork at Sonny’s Tavern, Dover NH

Feb. 22 2014- Gold body painting at Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, (21+) 9pm to 2am at Great Scott, Boston MA

Dec. 14 2013 – Art installation at the Wrong Brain Holidaze Bizarre, 11am to 5pm at the Newmarket Mills, Newmarket NH

Dec. 7 2013 – Face/body painting at the grand
opening of At Peace Body Arts bod mod studio, Rochester NH

Oct. 29 2013 – Transforming the band into the undead at the Soggy Po Boys and Dr. Gasp Halloween Spooktacular, Dover NH

Oct.11 2013 – 30 Under 30 at Exeter Town Hall Gallery, Exeter NH

Oct. 3 2013 – Fantastical, Macabre, and Surreal at Cabot Street Studios, Beverly MA

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